8969254495_8b037a0e09_bKNW Solutions is a consultancy dedicated to designing and delivering successful learning programmes to enable management of large or small companies to expose their staff to training online when they do not have access to, or to supplement, face-to-face tuition.

The KNW Solutions consultancy is staffed by experts in the fields of Learning Management and Instructional Design with a combined total of over 50 years experience. E-learning, the now accepted method of training online, is only one aspect of the services offered by KNW Solutions. Imparting knowledge via electronically enabled learning opens the door to a wide range of opportunities for management to implement strategies to develop staff training and achieve the greatest potential regardless of the type of business endeavour one pursues. The experience and expertise employed by KNW Solutions ensures a professional approach to delivering programmes that will target the core of any organisational academic requirement.

KNW Solutions has also been heavily involved with providing systems and solutions for the Policy & Procedures required for Workplace Health & Safety primarily in Australia. With over 10 years experience in this space, we have utilised our abilities in E-learning and Learning Management Systems to provide a professional and simple system to our clients for the Management of these online Manuals in our Manuals Online and Onboarding solutions.


Facilitating the discovery and implementation of eLearning programmes in any discipline by developing Solutions to suit an individual Client and maximise the opportunity for that organisation to reach its full potential, being ever mindful of maintaining a realistic cost component.