KNW Consulting

The popular concept of eLearning is training via a personal computer whereas KNW Solutions embarks on “Electronically Enabled Learning”, which opens up a whole new world of learning capabilities. Our approach to eLearning can help your business by providing more avenues to training staff and management, taking into account individual learning styles. That guarantees a greater success rate in achieving an organisation’s full potential.

Take for example the resistance some may have to learn or train on their own, but there are others who welcome that challenge. Some prefer one-on-one tuition others believe they can achieve more quickly at their own pace. A problem quite often experienced in the business world and one that becomes difficult to control and implement. Now there is a solution!

Managements invariably are confronted with the problem of their staff not being fully trained in all aspects of their products or services resulting in less than perfect sales figures and that means lost profits. Now there is a solution!

KNW Solutions provides extensive Consulting Services in the areas of:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Selection
  • LMS Implementation

Instructional Design for:

  • eLearning
  • Instructor Led Training
  • Online Content Selection
  • Website design
  • Website Hosting

Our Consultants will provide a professional and cost effective solution to your business needs – call for a free no-obligation quote.